30 Day Fix Your Dumb Life Challenge Day 2: “Making a Sandwich”


“I can’t remember where I left my pants.”
~Colin Powell
Dear your name here,
It’s shocking, really. Shocking that people continue on fruitless journeys, overcoming obstacles day after day with no goal at the end. Hopefully, you’ve achieved your first list and you’ll have a better idea about what your goals are.
If you didn’t write ten things on it, that’s OK, you poor sod.
The practice of getting better is not going to stop there. It’s going to get better. That’s the key difference between the practice of getting better and the practice of getting worse.
Get better, not worse.
It doesn’t matter if you’re an American, Canadian, New Zealander, or of any other spiritual persuasion, you can still make your life better.
I had just turned 45 and was living in Istanbul, and I was at the end of my rope. My job, my apartment, my president… everything felt stupid. So, so stupid.
It was time to switch up the game.
The thought struck me dumb while I was sitting in a kebab shop, having a sandwich. As I gazed at the glistening meat log on the spit, the cook shaved off layer after layer of greasy meat, exposing the undercooked center of the log.
That evening as I writhed on the floor with dysentery, I remembered the meat log with its soft, pink center after the cooked outer layers were removed.
It made me smile.
I was delirious with a fever, and I was never happier.
Look inside yourself and find your soft, pink core.

You may be burned up and crispy on the outside, but on the inside you still have a bacteria-laden center.

DAY 2 ASSIGNMENT: Making a Sandwich
Shed your cooked, hardened layers. Imagine that a Turkish man with a big long knife is slicing them away and putting them on a piece of bread to give to SOMEONE ELSE.
Use the list – What is on that sandwich?
Then look at your center, rotating on the spit, dripping with blood and juice. What do you see there? Are you beef or chicken at your core?
Don’t fight it. Let someone else take the sandwich. Keep the best parts for yourself.
See You Tomorrow

Doctor Professor Screaming Turkey, MD

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