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I’d like to end here


There is a funny feeling you get when you realize that you started something and it’s not going anywhere. It’s time to lose it. Get rid of it.

Should you separate yourself from it? Should you own it? Was it a mistake?

Maybe, for a minute or two, but not as many minutes as you spent.
Half-hearted effort?
Yes, unfortunately.

This page is coming down.

– J

Writing Ass. #4: Jenny’s Shirt


In her poem, “Jenny’s Shirt”, Maggie Estep gives us a very short, sexy, story – just a few paragraphs – as if to answer the question, “How did Jenny get that shirt?”

Your assignment is to create a story to answer a simple, common question about a common object like, “Why was the door left open?” or “Whose shoes are these?”

Include the object in the title of the composition, and write around it in order to answer the question.

In the very last sentence, start with the phrase, “And that’s how…”.

Lee Ruth


(Taken from my old Rambling Writers group on Livejournal, March 25, 2009)
Lee Ruth wrote this beautiful song about his memory of the end of WWII:

In the song, he describes a celebration that brings people together at the end of something horrible. Your assignment is to describe such a scene – be it real or imagined. Perhaps you only think that it is real, or perhaps it is simply unrealized until you make it so. As song lyrics, a poem, or a short story, give us the scene of your big, life-affirming celebration.

Ass. #2, the Beautiful Losers Assignment


In Beautiful Losers, Leonard Cohen begins with, “Catherine Tekakwitha, who are you? Are you (1656-1680)? Are you the Iroquois Virgin? Are you the Lily of the Shores of the Mohawk River? Can I love you in my own way?”

The purpose of this assignment is to address an impressive image from the past with a first-person version of your present self, real or fictionalized.

Write at least 300 words in the form of a letter, story, or poem and past it in the comment section or leave a link.

J. Ozawa